The Good, The Sad & The Mug Lee

It’s been an eventful few days since I’ve last been on here, lots of highs and a couple of lows and with so much packed it in would be quicker to write ‘War & Peace’ than to document it all here. To ensure that the only way is up, I’ll get the bad news out of the way first. In the early hours of Sunday morning whilst taking a break from setting the dance floor on fire at a night club, Dom had her bag nicked from right under my massive, crooked nose. We were pretty wasted and so were probably easy targets but thanks to some sticky fingered little shit heads, our Saturday night was ruined and we had to spend a good few hours in the police station on Sunday to file a stolen property report. It’s a nice place Prague but theft is rife.

So let’s rewind to Thursday, the start of the good times. I left work early and headed to meet Dom at the coach station. I heard her before I saw her; her angelic voice booming my name across the terminals. It was dark and so I had to wait until we were in the dimly lit tube station before I got a proper glimpse of her. Romantic. We got the tube back to mine to drop our bags off and headed out for some food. As promised, I took her to a Vietnamese restaurant for the first of many Vietnamese meals of the weekend. We had a beer, some food and I got to have my first taste of Vietnamese coffee. It was ace catching up without a dodgy WiFi connection and having to stare at a computer screen. I imagine it was like being released from prison after spending years talking to your visitors on a phone, separated from each other by a glass screen.

A spanner had been thrown in the works earlier in the day. I received an e-mail informing me that due to my tutor leaving by mutual consent, I had to have a group Skype lesson with the rest of the interns and our new course tutor. So much for getting up early and doing all my homework, as now the deadlines have all moved back a week. It also meant that I had to break the Friday up into three sections instead of spending the whole day exploring with Dom. We went for a Vietnamese breakfast in the morning, something that I highly recommend, and had a stroll over Charles Bridge with a hot wine before heading back to do my virtual lesson. Post lesson we headed out for a wander and found an ace place for food. Dom fell for the waiters Jedi mind trick and ordered what he told her to instead of choosing between the two dishes she really fancied. She was not disappointed though. We ate loads and had a beer and some amazing cocktails. We were also given a mini drink that was made up of Whiskey, beer foam and caramel, on the house as a kind gesture from the restaurant. I wish they were kinder and made it a bigger drink though. It was lovely. I would have happily swapped a bit of my food for a larger measure as a meat coma swept over me and ensured that the next couple of hours walking around would be done at a snails pace.

The mini drinks

The mini drinks

photo 56

photo 55

We wandered round taking in the sights and eventually arrived at the river. We stopped for a while to continue enjoying the many beautiful views that Prague has to offer, when suddenly Dom, with her x-ray hearing, picked up the sounds of music in the distance. We followed the beats until we came to a barge that had a bar on it. Sweet dude. We boarded the barge and headed below deck where we drank some whiskey and rum whilst sitting on seats that were actually swings and listened to reggae. We had planned a big day on Saturday and so after our drinks we walked to the nearest tube and headed home for the night.

Saturday morning came around pretty quick and after showering and getting our glad rags on we ventured off to the farmers market. I couldn’t wait to take Dom there. It’s awesome. We didn’t do any food shopping but sampled some of the street food that was on offer, the best being barbecued calamari and tentacles, which we washed down with a glass of Prosecco. Fine dining at a fraction of the price we’d pay at home.

photo 62

Prague's very own Ninjah keeping the farmers market crew entertained. Bang those bins dude!

Prague’s very own Ninjah keeping the farmers market crew entertained. Bang those bins dude!

After the farmers markets we donned our tourist hats and headed to Prague castle. As you can imagine the castle was spectacular. Massive buildings that took so long to build, the person whose idea it was to build it never even got to live in it. Gutted. We walked around, stopping only for photos and hot wine and stumbled upon a toy museum in the castle grounds. Being big kids we decided to have a butchers and were not disappointed with our decision when we spotted the pregnant Barbie on display.

Barbie having a C section

Barbie having a C section

The view from Prague Castle

The view from Prague Castle

After some photos of the view from the castle, we headed off in search of the John Lennon wall. En route to said wall we saw a David Cerny creation of two lads pissing in a fountain. I took a snap of Dom with her finger poking out of her coat to look like she was joining in with the statues and before we knew it, a tour had joined us and just like the paparazzi when they spot a Z-Lister, cameras were out and thousands of pictures were taken. We left pretty sharpish and after checking out some pretty funky shops we stumbled upon ‘lovers bridge’; a bridge spanning a canal that has hundreds of padlocks locked to it. It was right next to a restaurant with a cool balcony over looking the canal, and ever the romantic, I agreed when Dom suggested we have dinner there. The setting and the company were much better than the food.

Romantic setting for dinner. Photo does not do it justice once more

Romantic setting for dinner. Photo does not do it justice once more

With dinner eaten we continued on our journey to find John Lennon wall and after meandering through a cobbled labyrinth we finally arrived at our destination. John Lennon didn’t build the wall. It was just a wall with loads of graffiti that had loose connections to John Lennon and the rest of The Beatles. Impressive though.

Lennon wall

Lennon wall

After a couple of photos at the wall we stretched our legs once more. We hadn’t walked far when we came across a shop selling Italian clothing at knock down prices. The woman was very chatty and we somehow got on to the topic of yoga and meditation, as you do when you are clothes shopping, and before we knew it, we were sat at her desk with our eyes closed, hands on knee and head, listening to calming music and the lady chanting. Totally surreal but was the best time I’ve ever spent in a woman’s clothes shop. They should do that in all of them. You can sit and become one with the universe whilst the other half tries on a million dresses.

Next up was a night-time crossing of Charles Bridge. We stopped to watch a man below play the piano to a crowd of people gathered round a fire. His mate must’ve been the drunkest man in Prague. We witnessed him stumble about to the music before dropping all of his money, falling off the chair he had sat in before placing his hands firmly on a lit BBQ. It was great entertainment from both the man with the musical fingers and his buddy with the scorched ones. A few more pit stops for Irish coffees and cocktails followed before our fateful trip to the club where Doms bag was stolen, an incident that spoiled an otherwise excellent day and one that would determine how we spent our Sunday; our last full day together for over a month.

Cocktails in a fancy bar. The bill? £15

Cocktails in a fancy bar. The bill? £15

Theft club

Theft club

We woke up rough and instead of lounging around for a bit and going to the National Gallery, we started the list of things we now needed to do. Dom cancelled her cards and I phoned the police. The bank told Dom that her card had been used by the light fingered clubber at a petrol station and so there was a chance of them being caught on CCTV. The police here are useless though. We had visited the police station that is right next to the club the night before only to be told that they are ‘different’ police and we’d have to go to a different police station to which they gave us wrong directions to. When I called the police in the morning I was told that we couldn’t report it by phone and would have to go to a police station. They recommended the one in Wenceslas Square as they speak English there, and so after breakfast that’s where we headed.

The lady behind the desk did speak English, but not well enough to understand everything, and so Dom ended up doing a Rolf Harris impersonation by drawing some of the things we couldn’t explain. “Can you tell what it is yet?” After about an hour of this the report was done. All we had to do now was sit there for another hour or so whilst they typed up the report. We were told that we were at the wrong police station, as we needed to be at the one closer to the crime. We were also told that they couldn’t investigate the CCTV at the petrol station until Dom’s bank e-mailed them to say the card had been used, which would probably be just enough time for the tape to be wiped. If you want to do a bank job then Prague’s the place. You’d be on a beach in Brazil before the bank manager found the correct police station to report it to and even then they’d have to draw pictures of blokes in masks with swag bags before the investigation could begin.

To make up for our rubbish day we went to a nice restaurant on the square for our last supper. The day and previous night had taken its toll and so after food we went home to watch some rubbish on the box before passing out early doors.

It was raining when we left the house, the first time I’ve known it to in the three weeks I’ve been here. The weather was apt for the occasion. Dom accompanied me to work so I could show here where we’d meet for lunch, the dinosaur restaurant with the food colouring mad chef. I didn’t start until eleven so Dom only had two hours to kill and being the good catholic that she is, she spent her time buying bread and wine as a thank-you to my housemates.

1pm arrived and due to the dinosaur place being closed we went for another Vietnamese. It was lovely food but it was a pretty sombre meal. We knew that once it was eaten we’d be saying our goodbyes and it would be back to chatting through the computer. Sure enough time flew by and we were soon at the tube station waiting for the start of Doms long journey home to begin. It was like being at the megabus stop again but this time I had to go back to work instead of beginning my adventure. The weekend flashed before my eyes as the tube pulled away. So much happened so quickly and now it was over and I was on my own again. The good times go fast for sure. Thankfully my job is pretty cool and so as sad as I was to see Dom depart, I didn’t have to wallow in pity all afternoon.

And there you go; five days worth of blogs for the price of one, extra pain for your eyes and minds. I promise tomorrows will be shorter.


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