Goulash at last

Homework, work work, I’ve got work coming out of the woodwork at the moment. I ended up getting up early to do some of my homework as I’ve also got a social life I need to maintain and have little time to complete my coursework. It has to be in on Friday and my diary this week is full of extra curriculum activities; mostly drinking with some eating out and playing football thrown into the mix. Dom’s coming over on Thursday too so would like it wrapped up before then.

With a good chunk of my coursework completed, I set off for work. My preferred route today was tram then bus. Mixing it up, keeping it fresh, but mainly for practical reasons. The sun is shining again today but the temperature has dropped considerably. It’s like how I expected it to be on Saturday, F F F F Freeeeeeeezing, and as the tram stop is closer to my house it made loads more sense to jump on that rather than the ten minute walk to the tube station.

My meeting was cancelled again as the boss was out of the office, but Adam said he’d gone through my work and there was loads we could use from it. He then assigned me some further research topics until we meet with the boss tomorrow and so I got stuck into that. At midday, far too early for my liking, I was invited to lunch with the rest of the gang. We went to the smelly restaurant across the road, and again Adam explained the menu to me. I can’t remember the name of the dish I went for but it was supposed to be dumplings stuffed with mince. It felt and tasted more like ravioli stuffed with sausage but it was good none the less. Czechs love their drinking and although we let the side down by not having a beer, there was a bloke in the restaurant who not only had a beer to go with his food, he also had a shot of vodka. There was also a cop on his lunch who was enjoying a cheeky pint too. Imagine the uproar if that happened at home.

The cop in question having a bevvy. Bad photo cos I didn't fancy getting nicked

The cop in question having a bevvy. Bad photo cos I didn’t fancy getting nicked

The afternoon went by pretty quick and as I didn’t have enough time to go home before meeting my mate for football, I went to find some food. Lunch was too long ago and waiting until after football was too far away. The health police would probably tell you to eat something light if you’re about to play sport, but I don’t think they do light food here and so I ended up having a goulash. Finally. It was pretty good too and with a beer to accompany it, as is the custom, I only had to fork out £5.50. And that included the tip.

photo 52



Eating big didn’t affect my performance either. I scored two goals and played well enough despite slipping and stretching my groin in the first minute. I also took a ball to the face and bled all over my nice white T-shirt. We ended up playing for an extra half hour as no one knew what time it was, so me and my mate decided against going for a beer and I left him and went to catch my tram. On doing so, I noticed that the trams only display the names of ten stops at a time, and so I was on the correct tram the other night but got off prematurely and ended up on a night time, walking tour of the city. Just my luck (Stupidity).

It took me about an hour door to door, from footy back to mine, and other than meeting a Latvian dude who I chatted to for a few stops, the journey was rather unspectacular. By the time I got home I was beginning to seize up and so a late night soak in the bath now awaits me. Have a long day again tomorrow. I just hope I am able to get out of bed.


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