Rest and Restaurant

I awoke shortly after midday, very rough and very hungry. I called Dom and had a chat with her until I couldn’t bear the hunger any more. I dragged myself out of bed and got myself sorted to venture out for some food. I couldn’t be bothered traveling far and so decided to check out a restaurant I have seen advertised on the way to the tube stop. It was again really sunny and much warmer than it should be in November. A day too nice to be sat in the house but I was pretty rough and so it was just going to be a quick bite to eat and then back to bed to watch TV for a bit.

I found the restaurant. It was right next to a Tesco, which as much as I hate them, was better than the local shop down the street from me. The menu was in Czech so I had no idea what anything was other than the hamburgers. I still haven’t had a goulash and so asked the waiter if they served that. They did. Hooray! They didn’t have any left. Boo! They did however, have pork, cabbage and dumplings, a dish that I imagine is served in most restaurants out here. It contained gravy, which I believe to have hangover helping properties, and so I ordered that and settled down to watch some tennis players receiving trophies on the telly. My food arrived and I tucked in. It wasn’t as good as the one I had last week. In fact it was pretty rubbish. Gutted. Should have gone with the burger. It filled the gap though and so with belly full, I went to Tesco and bought a large bottle of water to wet my arid mouth, and retreated to my house.

I spent the next hour or so lazing on the bed watching a documentary about Native Americans before dragging myself up again to update the blog. It’s been a waste of a day really. The result of spending the night wandering the streets and so I apologize profusely for wasting your time, vision and memory with this update.

I’m off to rustle something up for dinner and then am getting back into bed for the third time today. Got a long, but very exciting week ahead of me. Bring it on!


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