Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to Google I go

It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas last week. Well the weather bit was at least. The past three days though have been beautiful, the sun is shining, the weather is sweet here. I heard that it was the hottest day in November that Wales has ever seen, and it certainly does appear to be warmer here than I ever expected it be, although if you saw what I packed you’d never have guessed that.

photo 50

I left for work early, as I needed to pop into the ‘Vodaphone’ shop to get my new SIM card inserted. I hate phone shops. The staff always circle me like vultures, over eager to offer me advice I haven’t asked for. It’s the same in shoe shops. Can’t I just have a look? When I’ve chosen what I want I’ll let you know, and then and only then, can you bore me with your talk about gigabytes and wide angled cameras. It was different here though. There are no salesmen as such. You take a ticket and wait to be called to the counter. If you want to browse the phones you can do so without someone in your ear, desperate to make a sale and earn a bit of commission.

With phone sorted I headed to the office and was surprised to see most people were already in work. I wasn’t the last one in though and no one seems to have an official start time. I was supposed to sit down with the boss and Adam, and go through all the work I’ve done so far and then plot out the next steps of the project, but that has been rearranged until tomorrow so I continued to research the topics from the brief. I have found tons of interesting stuff. Back home when I looked at the Internet on my, ahem, lunch break, I had three go-to websites. Wales online, BBC news (I still don’t know why) and Red and White Kop. I have looked at thousands of sites since my time here and stumbled across things my eyes would never have seen if it wasn’t for this job. Here’s a little selection of some pretty groovy things for your viewing pleasure.


Cheap flights

Coffee facts

Crazy sculptures

Off Grid

I see something ace in Prague most days. Today whilst eating my lunch in the park, I saw two girls walking their dogs. They weren’t actually walking the dogs though. They were sat outside the hut drinking pints and occasionally throwing a ball for them. They should’ve given Max a call, they could’ve enjoyed the pints in the sunshine and the dog would’ve got a great workout.

I worked late again, something that doesn’t bother me these days. Maybe it would if I started at 9 or if I had plans after work, but I’ve only got some bloody course work to do so I wasn’t in a rush to go home. I’ve got football tomorrow night so we’ll see then if the computer gets the hair dryer treatment or not. I cooked the breakfast I was too rough to make yesterday and had that for dinner; fried potatoes, chorizo, onions, peppers and a poached egg on top. Lovely jubbly.

So with today’s blog updated, all I’ve got to do now is that pesky homework. You win this round, course tutor!


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