A maze in Prague

I awoke pretty early again having had an early night and jumped out of bed feeling like ten million Kc. The sun was shining, which meant if it was anything like last Saturday, it would be cold and so I layered up; T-shirt, normal shirt, jacket shirt and coat. I donned my hat and left the house to pay a visit to the local farmers market, a convenient two stop trip on the tram, and immediately realized I had over done the clothes. It was a beautiful day. Almost like September back home. As soon as I get used to the money, the weather trips me up.

I arrived at the farmers market, and I hate to say this, but it beats the shit out of our farmers market back home. There were loads of stalls selling pretty much everything. I saw three fish stalls, and this is a land locked country. We live by the sea at home and probably only have three fishmongers in the city. There are a few things the U.K could learn from the Czech Republic I have found so far. One being the public transport and another being their farmers markets. It was how shopping should be, much better than the mind boggling trip to Kaufland. And it wasn’t just an amazing shopping experience either. It was a place you could spend your whole day at, and I probably would have done if I didn’t have other plans. There were loads of street food stalls, people were sat down enjoying a beer at 10:30 am, there was live music and all of the produce was organic. If the weather is like this for Doms visit next week then we are staying there all day and I’m going to try all of the food. I was told the place was really expensive and somewhere that only the hipsters went to, but like home, it’s a myth. The meat was more expensive obviously, but the vegetables on the other hand, were cheaper than chips. I spent 200 Kc (£5.25) and less than half of that was on a bag of veg that would last me all week. The rest of the money went on chorizo and a snack. I’d had breakfast before I left but I had to sample something and so had a Male (pronounced Mali) Strombor, a dough ball baked with olive oil, parmesan cheese and parsley. I washed it down with a hot wine and enjoyed the sunshine for a bit, then headed home to unload before heading out again to meet my new pal, for an afternoon of sport and beer.

photo 43 photo 44

78 Pence for a glass of bubbles, Lyons-esses, you'd have loved it

78 Pence for a glass of bubbles, Lyons-esses, you’d have loved it

Fished of fury

Fished of fury

Cooking up a storm

Cooking up a storm



We met outside the bar where we had watched the football last week but decided to go to a cheaper a bar further up the road. It was an Irish bar, and aside from us and a couple from Manchester that we joined, it was over populated by stag do’s. It was quite surreal watching the football whilst almost the whole pub sang along to the jukebox. Liverpool won 3-1 much to my delight and to the dismay of the three Man Utd fans I was with. It didn’t get any better for them either, as their team failed to score again and they drew nil nil with relegation fodder, Crystal Palace (just joking Guy). We were joined by an Irish man who lives in Prague with a Czech girl he met whilst studying over here, and watched the second half of the Rugby World Cup final, before deciding to find somewhere where we didn’t have to shout over Status Quo to be heard. An Irishman, a South African and a Welshman walked into a bar (boom boom), a quiet little place on one of the side streets in Old Town, where we would spend the next few hours in the company of an American man, an Italian girl and a Czech girl, chatting and drinking cheap yet lovely beer. The Italian girl had been on the Italian X Factor. I hadn’t seen her on it as I don’t watch the show but I knew she’d been on it because she told me about a hundred times.

Welsh Stag do

Welsh Stag do

Prague's answer to Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove

Prague’s answer to Johnny Cage and the Voodoo Groove

After drinking our fill we headed to the tram stop to catch the night tram home. We all live in different parts of the city and so had to catch different trams. Typically I got on the wrong tram and so jumped off at the next stop after I had realized. Typically my phone battery had run out of power so I had no way of contacting anyone or be able to use Google maps. I can’t pronounce the area I live in so couldn’t get a taxi and so I started walking in the hope of spotting any land marks that I could recognize. I walked for about twenty minutes and then decided to get on another tram just for the hell of it. I sat on the tram for five stops and then got off. I was now completely lost and so I walked once more, this time with the mission of finding a bar to get out of the cold and to hopefully find someone who could understand my bad use of the Czech language, and point me in the right direction. Whilst all my buddies back home partied in Halloween costumes, I wandered round for hours, hardly seeing anyone, but discovering parts of Prague that the tours don’t take you on; a wonderful maze of cobbled streets and fascinating buildings. I didn’t find any bars but I did find a tube station with a map on it and discovered I was in the complete opposite side of town that I needed to be. Obviously. I also found the TV tower, a huge building that you can see the whole city from, and that has sculptures of baby dolls climbing up the sides, which I have been wanting to visit, and I also helped a man who, like me, was lost, and so it was time well spent.

I asked a man which direction I needed to go in order to walk the long distance back to my house and he said that I may as well wait for the tube which starts running in forty five minutes. I heeded his advice and headed to the Burrito place across the road. The queue was long and it killed most of the time I had to wait for the tube. Three Americans dressed as Smurfs entered and one of them got into a bit of ‘handbags’ with the American chap directly behind me in the queue. I got served and left them to calling each other ‘douche bags’ and what not, and headed to the platform where I ate my ‘before bed’ breakfast and waited for the tube. It was about 6:30 when I finally got in, so with tired feet and a ‘before bed’ hangover I crawled into bed and immediately passed out.


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