Another day, another Czech Koruna

I left for work earlier than I needed to as I was bored hanging round the house and I wanted to grab a coffee from the dude who speaks through his calculator. He used words this time though. I don’t know what they meant and my poorly pronounced reply of “Dekuji” probably meant nothing to him either, but it mattered not, the coffee was good.

As I didn’t start until eleven, lunchtime came round pretty quickly, and as no one fancied joining me, I decided to venture further away from the office to see if I could find any further options than the ones presented to me yesterday. It proved to be the right thing to do because I bumped into C3PO who has been melted down and turned into a car.

Wait. Oh my! What have you done? I'm backwards you filthy furball

Wait. Oh my! What have you done? I’m backwards you filthy furball

After my brush with fame I stumbled upon an ace little bakery and bought a roll containing two types of meat, some cheese, lettuce and peppers. The filling didn’t quite fit in the roll so I couldn’t eat on the move without dropping it everywhere, and so opted to sit in the park despite the low temperature. It’s probably hat and gloves time here but I’ve still seen a couple of people in T-shirts.

photo 37

Afternoon turned to evening and as my eyes are already squarer than Wenceslas Square, I decided to shut down my computer and call it a day. I was hoping to go for a few post work beers with the VICE crew but as everyone had plans or were staying on in work, we arranged midweek drinks next week instead.

I again broke up my journey on the way home, again for dinner purposes. This time I stopped at some little huts in Old Town and had some potato, cabbage and pork, which looked a bit like pasta, cheese and pork. I ordered a beer with it, as that is the way things work around here, when in Rome and all that, and worked out that it should’ve cost me 110 Kc (£2.89) but the guy charged me 210 Kc (£5.52). When I told him I could do the math, he explained that the prices on the menu board were per 100g. What a swizz. Gonna have to get myself a weighing scales app now. I wish I’d told him to forget it as just around the corner there was a hog roast that they had somehow cooked to look like gammon. Prague never ceases to amaze me.

Not a bad view for some pasta looking potato with cheese looking cabbage and pork

Not a bad view for some pasta looking potato with cheese looking cabbage and pork

Gammon hog roast. Photo does not do it justice.

Gammon hog roast. Photo does not do it justice.

I ate my food and drank my ‘pivo’ and took a walk round the square. There was a dude knocking out some top tunes on his drum box, disco Segways flying about and a guy doing a ‘one man show’ which just involved him cracking a whip for the short time I could be bothered to watch him. As I was leaving I saw a lad looking through the bins and so I gave him my change. It was only 50 Kc (£1.31) but as long as he didn’t go to where I had just eaten, he could get himself a good auld feed.

Disco Segway, scream if you wanna go faster

Disco Segway, scream if you wanna go faster.

Good deed done for the day I headed home for a night of boredom. No more beer for me tonight as I want to be fresh for the sesh tomorrow. Got a busy morning and have arranged to meet my South African mate for an afternoon on the tiles, and so hopefully I’ll have something less boring to tell you in the next episode of ‘Leeroy on tour’.


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