Good VICE-brations

And on the seventh day He rested. No such luck for me though. I’ve been out here for exactly a week now and I had to do a full day in work today. One rule for the creator and another rule for us mere mortals. I suppose God did make the whole world, minus the millions of things mankind has since built, where I’ve had a relatively quiet week, so I mustn’t grumble. I was in work until 7pm too. If that had happened back home I’d have been calling my computer every name under the sun, but I didn’t swear once today. In fact, bar being hungry, I was happy enough to stay in the office.

Either work was cool or I’ve gone mad. I think it’s the former. I managed to get loads done and have loads more to do as ‘the jobs’ are coming in thick and fast. The boss said he was pleased with what I’ve done so far too. Which is nice. As I’m doing research stuff at the moment, my time is mostly spent surfing the net. I stumbled across a sweet piece of furniture today which is criminal that it doesn’t belong to Yioti or Skinny, and a ‘litter reporting’ website that Dom and Lou Lou would be well into. I also managed to get a snap of the fruit juice drinks that l mistook for beer bottles. It’s like I’m being productive even when I’m skiving.

mmmmm beer

Tell me that doesn’t look like beer



I went on lunch with a colleague called Adam. He kindly explained the menu to me as my Czech is as bad as my Welsh. We both had the same dish; a gorgeous potato, meat and vegetable thing that was a bit like a pastry-less quiche, and just to make it even better, it was served with a little bowl of gherkins. Winner winner, quiche thing dinner. Other food venue options near work are a place right opposite my building that apparently smells, a pub that does authentic Czech food, a retro pub and a dinosaur themed restaurant which I have already decided to take Dom to when she visits next week. She’ll love it if she can get past the chefs alleged love of adding colouring to everything.

photo 33

After work I broke up my journey by stopping off for a burger and chips. I’ve got a currency convertor app on my phone now so I am getting the hang of the money. All in all, today my lunch, dinner and a couple of beers came to 190 Kc, which is the U.K equivalent of £5.03. Bargain! Because of the cash confusion thing I’ve been too scared to give any homeless people money. I don’t want to make them stinking rich overnight, neither do I want to offend them with a worthless amount, but now, thanks to the app I can show them some love in the shape of some cash.

I’m back at the ranch now. Bushed from my first full days work in a while, and so I’m gonna sink a couple of beers and watch some rubbish on the telly.


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