Hangovers and homework

It’s the national day of the Czech Republic today and as much as I enjoyed being at the office yesterday, a part of me (my head) is glad I don’t have to go in today due to the beers I sank last night. I got up late and Skyped Dom before heading out for a lunch time breakfast. I ended up at the Vietnamese place again as it’s the closest restaurant to my house, and had a bowl of spicy joy that sorted the hangover right out.

photo 31

Look at the air. It looks freezing doesn't i?

Look at the air. It looks freezing doesn’t it?

It’s proper cold here today so I didn’t bother staying out longer than I needed to, and so after eating and taking a quick stroll around the local district, I returned home to do a bit of work. I’ve never worked from home before and I quite liked it. Stick some tunes on and beaver away at my own pace: slowly. Only downside is that there’s no free coffee machine here, and so it’s frequent visits to the kitchen to get my caffeine fix, otherwise I’m gonna end up like this….Malfunction

After a few hours of combining work with Internet surfing, I braved the cold once more. This time to pay a visit to the shop for some well deserved snacks. One packet of crisps and a banana later, I was back at home with my feet up watching a documentary about a town in Peru who all get together and have a mass fight on Christmas Day. It’s kind of like our ‘black Friday’ but stretched over a week.

As per the norm with days off, albeit one that saw me do a bit of work, the time flies by, and before I knew it, it was dark outside and I was feeling a little sleepy. I was probably feeling the affects of like totally working on my day off, and so had a cheeky little nap nap. The ‘Trickster’ would have been turning in his bed if he had seen me.



I was awoken from my slumber by Dom ringing me, and after a brief update of life back in the UK, Dom went to meet some friends for dinner and I slung a pizza in the oven. I quite fancied a Goulash today, what with it being the national dish and it being the national day, but I didn’t fancy venturing out into the bitter cold again and so it was 12 inches of an imitation of Italy’s finest (fnar fnar) and a night in front of the BBC Football page, constantly refreshing the Liverpool match.

Pleased with the result I’m off to bed for the second time today. An 11 am start awaits me in the morning. I love these casual hours. Dobrou noc everyone.


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