Tram and tube hopping and mystery shopping

Up not so bright but early once more, I showered and donned my suit and gold shoes and ventured out of the door to get tram one of two, to meet Lukas. As you do in a new place we peered out of the window of the tram, taking in our new surroundings and ended up missing our stop. Not a good start but fortunately I was with some sensible people who worked out how to get us back on track, or else I could be half way to Mexico by now.

After no more dramas we met up with Lukas who took us to his office; an amazing warehouse type place that had been converted into shared office space upstairs and a large café downstairs. Rent and edibles were all paid for with Bitcoins and all of the furniture was made from recycled paper and cardboard. Pretty cool. We ate croissants and Lukas showed us some maps before we hit the road to meet our new employers.

photo 7photo 8

Do what for Mr Gump?

25/11/15 – Do what for Mr Gump?

We walked through markets, industrial estates, crossed the river by boat, went on the metro, got on trams and went to each our of our places of work in between. A great little adventure and with Pragues public transport being excellent and its citizens being pretty laid back, it made my journey across London seem horrendous in comparison.

The VICE guys were unsurprisingly cool. I mistook their bottles of fruit juice for beer, as they looked like most beer bottles I’ve ever seen, and when I questioned quite enthusiastically if they drank beer at work I was answered with “I’m tea total but if you want a beer at work, have one, I don’t give a fuck.” After a brief chat it was agreed they would contact me over the weekend with my start time for either Monday or Tuesday depending on their meetings schedule and I left with them advising me to not buy drugs off people on the square, due to poor quality and to get a local girl in a bar rather than a brothel cos it’s cheaper.

With our new employers met we headed for food. Lukas is bang in to Vietnamese and as I had asked him about Vietnamese restaurants when we first arrived, he thinks I am too, and so it was Pho Ba for lunch. Still no Czech cuisine and we are more than half way through day two. I do like a Vietnamese but I also like pork and spuds too and I don’t want to be fed up with it before Dom gets out here as it’s her favourite.

Next up was a trip to the supermarket to stock up on some staples. Kaufland was the nearest to our house and so we headed there. It’s a bit like Lidl but instead of just foreign food it’s foreign, foreign food and the prices blew my mind. £39.50 for some mushrooms? £51.60 for eggs? Alright it was Kc and not £’s but it didn’t make any sense to my stupid brain, and mixed with walking round in circles looking for chillies for about an hour, I started to lose my mind and so admitted defeat, grabbed my cardboard box of miscellaneous shopping and headed to the check out. I did at least get some sausages so all was not lost. Hot dogs for tea boys.



Shopping done we navigated our way home and due to being exhausted from the Kaufland experience ,we had dinner and retired for the evening in readiness for another day of early rising.



  1. treatwilliams · October 24, 2015

    Interesting adventure. Everything paid with bitcoins- wild.


    • fishgrapes · October 24, 2015

      It’s a pretty cool place. You don’t even need to have Bitcoins either as they have a machine to buy them inside.

      Liked by 1 person

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