The Lee Gull has landed

We touched down at 5pm local time and were greeted by Lukas, the guy from the recruitment centre, who accompanied us to our new lodgings; a three bedroom apartment in the upmarket district of Borisklava. We were given a contract to sign and a free pass for all public transport and were shown around the apartment. For a three bedroom place there was only one room you could strictly call a bedroom, and that was only big enough for a double bed and a wardrobe. The other ‘bedrooms’ were the curtain-less living room, which had a settee, a lounger, a wardrobe and a bed in it, and an en suite room downstairs, which was only separated from the communal living area above it, by a spiral staircase. I opted for the living room, Hristina would live downstairs and India had the tiny room.

photo 6

Lukas then kindly took us out for dinner; a brilliant Vietnamese restaurant which was only two stops away on the tram. Over dinner he explained that we would meet at his office the following day and spend the day looking around the city and meeting our new work colleagues, and on the Saturday he had arranged an all day walking tour of Prague for us. So much for the three days to relax and acclimatize we were promised.

With dinner over it was back to the house to unpack and get some much needed shut eye.


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