The final countdown

After quitting my job, I had a week off before I had to head off to the big smoke for three days of language training. The Monday was to be a mix of emotions. It was great having a lie in. Then I watched some daytime junk on the TV before heading to Cardiff Bay for a picnic in the autumn sunshine with Dom. We lazed by the water eating her wonderful sandwiches, watching ducks disappear under water and listening to the sound of far away traffic. A far cry from my normal routine on a Monday, one I could get used to.

photo 1

After lunch we headed to the Pierhead building where we read about the history of the building and watched a short film about the history of the bay. It was a lovely afternoon but now was the time for the sad stuff, my last game of football for a while. I’ve been playing seven a side with pretty much the same group of boys for over ten years. I organize it too so it was a sad occasion for all involved. I didn’t get the goal my game deserved but I ran loads, created probably half of our goals and was on the side that won so, all in all it was a good last outing.

The rest of the week was spent organizing my trip to Prague, sorting the house out for guests, saying goodbyes, going for a fantastic lunch at 1861

photo 2

and putting the final touches of a surprise holiday for Dom together; a weekend away in rural Wales where we would go Dolphin spotting, but only see Seagulls and Seals. We would watch Wales lose their World Cup quarter-final rugby match against the Aussies in a lovely harbour side pub and we would drink champagne in a beautiful thatched cottage.

photo 3

A lovely weekend that passed too quickly and before we knew it, it was Sunday and time to bid farewell to one another for a few weeks. The next time we would see each other would be on foreign soil.


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