London calling

I’d never boarded a Mega bus with such a heavy heart before. Usually they are joyous occasions, a trip (usually to London) on the cheap to visit friends and to have a good time. This was not entirely different. I was off to London, I was to be visiting friends and I was going to be working for the mighty VICE magazine before the week was out. However, this time I was leaving behind a tearful girlfriend, a sight so sad that it stayed with me the whole journey.

I arrived in London and made my way to my friend’s house where I would be staying for the duration of my time in London. Catching up with them over a lovely plate of Spag Bol and a bottle of ‘red’ eased my sadness and before too long it was bed o’ clock as all three of us had important days ahead. My training was about to commence, Annie had dead lines to meet and Nick had to go one better, having to give a presentation for Football Beyond Borders and having a meeting with UEFA about doing some consultancy work for them in Switzerland.

Nos da, the city that never sleeps. I’ve got a dream to keep alive.


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