Czech this out

Living in London has not really appealed to me for many years now. I love visiting the place and have many friends there, but I don’t really fancy the day-to-day stuff that comes with it. The daily commute and the cost of living being the main culprits and now I was going to get a taste of it.

The daily commute lived up to expectations. I used to cycle to work in five minutes and walk there in fifteen. This week I would be going by three modes of transport; bus, tube and shanks’s pony. The journey time itself was only about forty minutes but I wouldn’t fancy that every day. The cost didn’t disappoint either. I saw this steak bake and imagined Grees Muns face if his local Greggs had the audacity to charge that much.

photo 4

I arrived at training and met the other eight internships. Three of us would be going to Prague and the other six to Seville. My Prague buddies were two young ladies, India and Hristina. India, strangely enough, was from the same city as me, Cardiff. Hristina was Bulgarian. In the morning we were shown some slides about our new cities and in the afternoon we had four hours of language training. Czech is hard. I can’t even pronounce some of the words let alone remember about a million of them so it was a relief to hear that a lot of English is spoken there. Still, we would have three days of training and I’d try my best to at least learn some basic phrases such as greetings, manners and most importantly “Mohu jedno pivo prosim?”

The rest of the training was spent between language classes and doing some work for the qualification we are to be doing alongside the internships. The evenings were more fun to be honest. Nicks presentation got FBB some funding and he got the Switzerland gig, so we had some bubbles to celebrate. I was technically unemployed but had drunk champagne for two of the last three days. Saweeeeet dude. The next evening I spent in the pub with Nick, chatting and half watching the football, and for my final evening I was catching up with the ‘London massive’ for a few drinks to say “Sbohem” to everyone.

Sbohem ted……..



  1. Els and El · October 24, 2015

    Hey we loved your post! We’re new to blogging and would appreciate if you checked us out! Thanks! 💌


    • fishgrapes · November 2, 2015

      Love your blog and I think your photos are incredible.

      Keep up the great work.

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